The restaurant is named after the first butler of Ferdinando I de ‘Medici, Sir Biagio Pignatta. It is a short distance from the Villa and adjacent to the hotel, offering quality hospitality in harmony with Tuscan tradition. In addition to the welcoming rooms, the restaurant also boasts having an outdoor area to accommodate seasonal barbecues and small events and a gazebo with large windows overlooking a breathtaking view; perfect for brunch, business meetings and private dinners. Tradition goes hand in hand with the quality of raw materials, with the choice of suppliers of the territory and with the promotion of local products. The recipes of the culinary history of Tuscany have been revised with flair and originality.

Our Brigade

The kitchen of the restaurant “Biagio Pignatta” is feminine: under the command of the kitchen brigade we find the executive chef Michela Bottasso, Piedmontese by birth and Tuscan by adoption. He has worked with some of the most important kitchens in the world, from London to the Caribbean. At his side a young and professional staff that brings experiences and influences from all over Italy to the kitchen, hosting students and chefs from all over the world for some periods of the year. That of “Biagio Pignatta” is a cuisine that plays on flavors, without ever forgetting tradition and simplicity. An originality of the proposals that goes hand in hand with a meticulous choice of raw materials, always local and of quality. The menu changes with the seasons but in paper we always find some of the symbolic dishes of “Biagio Pignatta”, such as the Duck with Orange: a dish that today recalls French cuisine but which has Italian origins, Medici to be precise, linked to the figure of Caterina de ‘Medici.

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Our restaurant philosophy can be expressed in a few simple principles. The search for quality ingredients, for example, with a predilection for local producers, especially those who tirelessly promote and protect precious culinary traditions. Our kitchen honors the Tuscan traditions and the dishes of our culture while exploring new flavors and inspirations, always faithful to the seasons and territory. Our offerings always include some flavors of Medicean origin, such as Duck with Orange or other specialties inspired by the court of Caterina de ‘Medici, in the 16th century. And, don’t forget that our dishes are accompanied by our Extra Virgin Olive Oil and our wines, perfect pairings to enhance the flavors of our table.

The product of our land

Our products are genuine and territorial. We try to interpret the tradition without distorting it, so that it is a profound expression of a territory rich in history and agricultural vocation. Among the products we are most proud of is our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced from local cultivars such as Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino, from cold extraction. Tuscan with that spicy note that characterizes it, it is the perfect ally for many of our dishes. Next to the oil could not miss the wine: in our paper it is possible to find the wines of our Estate, produced in the vineyards surrounding the Villa. But also the references of producer friends, especially from Tuscany, but not only.

The Garden of the Restaurant

Our Biagio Pignatta Restaurant has beautiful outdoor spaces immersed in the Tuscan countryside. The ancient Renaissance loggia is the perfect place for a lunch or dinner, overlooking the garden. During the summer months the Estate also opens its Cocktail Bar in the pool park, for a light lunch, a regenerating centrifuge or a cocktail with a splendid view of the valley. The wide open spaces allow our guests to enjoy a moment of taste and relaxation with the total guarantee of respect for distance and anti-covid regulations.

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