Tenuta di Artimino for your Meetings

The Artimino estate is perfect for business events, meetings and incentives. The halls of Villa La Ferdinanda are transformed into large plenary rooms, full of charm and appeal, each with its smaller side rooms to be used for small meetings or breakout sessions. But you can also opt for different areas such as the gazebo or the foyer of the restaurant Biagio Pignatta. The Tenuta offers Wi-Fi and provides a full range of secretarial services, interpreting services, technical assistance, entertainment, fireworks and avant-garde facilities. To organize a meeting, an incentive or a conference at Artimino means combining the charm and beauty of this place with the most efficient technological solutions. It has 97 housing units to accommodate the participants with constant help provided by our professional staff. Not to mention the opportunity to choose between numerous side activities such as wine tasting, cooking classes, truffle hunting, team games, archery, honey tasting and much more.




Free parking
Free Wi-fi
Fast internet connection
Catering service
Panoramic terrace
Large parking for cars and buses
Possibility for helicopter landing
Rooms with natural light
Inside room for wine tasting
Business center


Audio/Video service
Hostess service
Technical Assistence


Wellness Center
Outdoor swimming pool


Tennis court


Traditional cuisine


Rooms accessible
Bathrooms accessible
Bedrooms accessible
Shower accessible

Soldier's Room

A room in medieval style, with natural lighting and neon, Wi-Fi and fireplace, positioned on the ground floor of Villa. It is perfect for the promotion of a product or for the presentation of a new auto.
Dimensions: Length X Width X Height: 19m X 7,6m X 5,10m
Area: 144,4 mq

 200     55     60

 80     200

Lion Hall

This is one of the two main halls of the villa located on the main floor. It is situated opposite its twin room and can accommodate up to 200 people seated. The high ceilings allow for the construction of large structures. The walls are decorated with lunettes representative in all the Medici Villas and tapestries.
Dimensions: Length X Width X Height: 19,40m X 7,83m X 6,79m
Area: 151,90 mq

 200     55     70

 60     80     200

Bear Hall

This hall is on the main floor as it is the twin to the Lion Hall and has 6 side lounges. The ceiling is painted with fresco works by Domenico Cresti. The lighting is nat
ural thanks to large windows and the high ceilings allow for the construction of large structures. Dimensions: Length X Width X Height: 19,28m X 7,92m X 6,84m
Area: 152,69 m

 200     55     70

 60     80     200

Bull Hall

The Bull Hall is on the second floor of the villa and is perfect for a small conference or meeting. It has five side rooms; worth noting are the floors and windows which are of the original structure. It is contiguous to the Annunciation Hall and near the office of events. The style recalls the hunting theme, dear to the Medici.
Dimensions: Length X Width X Height: 19,54m X 7,93m X 3,15m
Area: 154 mq

 140     55     60

 60     140

Annuntiation Hall

This hall is next to the Bull Hall and reminds us of the charm that the Villa could have had when it was the residence of the Medici family. A cozy yet sophisticated lounge with a charming fireplace, making it suitable for a coffee break or a more intimate dinner.

Dolphin Hall

In the secret part of the villa, the Dolphin Hall retains the charm of a secluded place, almost hidden. Here there is also the historical archive and in the future will be a space dedicated to wine and its history. A part of the hall has been directly obtained from rock, creating a striking passage.

Biagio Pignatta's corridor room

Located opposite the hotel, it is ideal for small meetings and is in the same building that houses the restaurant and the gazebo, with a beautiful view of the valley below. An alternative solution and quite intimate.

The Artimino Estate is perfect for corporate events, meetings and incentive trips.

he halls of Villa “La Ferdinanda” are transformed into spacious plenary rooms, full of beauty and charm, each with its side rooms suitable for small meetings or parallel sessions; you can also opt for different spaces such as the gazebo or the foyer of the Biagio Pignatta restaurant.
The estate is covered by Wi-Fi and offers a wide range of secretarial services, interpreting, technical assistance, entertainment, fireworks displays and state-of-the-art equipment.
Organizing a meeting, an incentive trip or a conference in Artimino means combining the charm and beauty of this place with the best technological and logistical solutions, having 101 housing units for overnight stays and the constant support of our professional staff.
There are also numerous side activities to choose from, related to the world of wine, cuisine, tradition and nature.
We invite you to discover the world of Artimino wine by taking you on unique paths, relying on the professionalism of our internal staff to create unique corporate events.

Wine Tasting

Our somelier will make you retrace the history of the Medici family and discover the typical wines of the Carmigano Docg area, appreciated all over the world for their elegance and finesse. Based on the numbers, the place for the tasting is chosen.

Tasting & Lunch

A unique tasting & lunch experience in search of the best combinations of food and wine at our Biagio Pignatta; our sommelier will guide you in the choice of wines, recommending those that best enhance the flavors of the chosen dishes.

Wine Class

A fun wine class to discover together the secrets of wine tasting and the techniques of pairing with the flavors of the table. At the end, a diploma is awarded to all participants.


A day in the magical atmosphere of the grape harvest. At the meeting place in the vineyard, gloves and scissors will be given for grape harvesting. The activity will last about 1 hour, with dedicated staff for the entire duration of the event.

Make your wine

Each team will have to create their own unique and unrepeatable wine, create the label that best interprets the characteristics of the wine and a presentation of the same, guided by an expert.

Wine Challenge Dinner

A fun wine challenge dinner: a tasting game that combines team building activities with entertainment. Participants will taste 4 types of “blindfolded” wines and will have to find the intruder

Create your dessert

Each team will have to work together to make some desserts by passing three tests based on technique, quality and creativity. At the end of the challenge each team will have to present the product created with a mini spot.

Cooking class with our chef

A cooking class with our chef to learn how to make pasta by hand, according to tradition or the famous Cantucci di Prato. A session lasting about two hours in which fun team challenges can be organized.

Renaissance dinner

A Renaissance dinner with themed decorations and setting, lemon and laurel centerpiece. On request there is the possibility of organizing animations with ancient, medieval and Renaissance dances.

Truffle hunting

Truffle hunting in the woods surrounding the Medici Villa. Participants will be accompanied by a truffle dog and a professional who will explain all the details of this fascinating practice.

Honey Atelier

Atelier del Miele in the company of a beekeeper to learn more about the fascinating world of bees: life in the hive, the importance of the bee in the ecosystem, the products of the hive, the activity of the beekeeper.


Archery in the Belvedere garden, with two shooting lines with two instructors, to compete with a fascinating sport that requires great attention and skill. Duration of activity about 4 hours.

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