The Artimino Estate is perfect for corporate events, meetings and incentive trips.

The halls of Villa"La Ferdinanda"are transformed into spacious plenary rooms, full of beauty and charm, each with its side rooms suitable for small meetings or parallel sessions; you can also opt for different spaces such as the gazebo or the foyer of the Biagio Pignatta restaurant.
The estate is covered by Wi-Fi and offers a wide range of secretarial services, interpreting, technical assistance, entertainment, fireworks displays and state-of-the-art equipment.
Organizing a meeting, an incentive trip or a conference in Artimino means combining the charm and beauty of this place with the best technological and logistical solutions, having 102 housing units for overnight stays and the constant support of our professional staff.
There are also numerous side activities to choose from, related to the world of wine, cuisine, tradition and nature.
We invite you to discover the world of Artimino wine by taking you on unique paths, relying on the professionalism of our internal staff to create unique corporate events.

You can enjoy various activities:

Wine Tasting

A guided tour of our cellar and choose among the various proposals of wine tasting. Our sommelier will guide you in retracing the history of the Medici family, to discover the typical wines of the Carmignano DOCG area, appreciated throughout the world for their elegance and finesse and the excellence of our territory. Our sommelier will then guide you in the tasting, revealing to you the secrets of our wines and their fascinating history, in a memorable experience.


Tasting & Lunch

A unique experience of tasting & lunch to enjoy the best pairing of cuisine and wine at our Biagio Pignatta restaurant; our sommelier will guide you in the choice of wines, recommending those that best enhance the flavors of the chosen dishes.

Wine Class

A fun wine class to discover together the secrets of wine tasting and techniques for food and wine pairing.



A day in the magical atmosphere of the grape harvest to get to know one of the most delicate and important activities of a winery. The atmosphere that permeates the vineyards in the period of September is electric, as everyone works together to ensure a great harvest. At the meeting point in the vineyard, gloves and scissors will be delivered to collect the grapes. The activity will last about 1 hour. Our farm staff will follow the group for the duration of the event. At the end it is possible to organize a picnic with typical canapes, cold cuts, cheeses and the ever-present flask of wine.

Make your wine

How about making the wine yourself? Make your wine is the activity that involves a team in creating the best final bottle of wine. A wine expert and coordinator leads a small tasting to explain the basics of sensory analysis, the history of wine and winemaking techniques. Each team will have to create their own unique and unrepeatable wine, make the label that best interprets the characteristics of the wine and a presentation of the same. At the end of the activity the participants will be able to take home the bottles of wine they have created.


Wine challenge dinner

A fun wine challenge dinner: a tasting game that combines a team building activity with the entertainment of a dinner with friends. A winemaker will illustrate wine tasting techniques. Participants will taste 4 types of "blindfolded" wines that will be served during the various courses. The game concludes at the end of the dinner when you discover the identity of the wines. Finally, there is the award ceremony at the winning table.

Not only wine, but also cooking activities ...

Create your desser

With the activity create your dessert we create a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere among the participants. Each team will have to work together to make some desserts, passing three tests. The three phases of the game are based on technique, quality and creativity. It is a fun exercise that tests participants on their objective and subjective analysis skills. At the end of the challenge each team presents and promotes their desserts to their fellow participants.


Cooking class with our chef

A cooking course with our chef to learn how to make pasta by hand according to the tradition, or the famous Cantucci di Prato biscotti cookies. A course lasting about two hours, where you can organize fun team challenges with a final tasting of the dishes prepared. On request, participants can have personalized aprons with company logos and a certificate of merit for the winning team. Depending on the number, participants will be divided into several groups.

Renaissance dinner

A Renaissance dinner with decorations and themed setting, lemon and laurel centerpiece. On request there is the possibility of organizing animations with ancient dances (medieval and Renaissance) with 3 or 4 musicians and an animator who will teach those present the dances of the past.


Other activities between play and nature ...

Truffle hunting

Truffle hunting in the woods surrounding the Medic Villa. Participants will be assisted in the search by a truffle dog and a professional who will explain all the details, the secrets and anecdotes of this fascinating tradition. At the end of the hunt it will be possible to taste a truffle dish.


Honey Atelier

The World of Honey in the company of the beekeeper Daniela Daniele you can learn more about the fascinating world of bees: life in the beehive (recognizing the queen bee, worker bees, etc.), the importance of bees in the ecosystem, the products of the beehive, the activity of the beekeeper. The lesson will be accompanied by the tasting of three types of honey characteristic of the Carmignano area (acacia, clover and chestnut), jams and agresto, a spicy "preserve" with a particular sour taste used as a condiment since Roman times.


Archery in the Belvedere garden, with two shooting positions with two instructors, to try a fascinating sport that requires great attention and ability. Duration of the activity: approximately 4 hours.


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