Our locations for your exhibitions and settings

Are you looking for a location for an exhibition, an installation, for a fashion show or for a photographic setting? The Tenuta di Artimino, over the years, has been able to meet various needs. It can be a fantastic solution for photo shooting or for a high fashion show. Conversely, it can also be the perfect setting for those who want a typical Tuscan country atmosphere; rural and more idyllic. For artists who want to set up group exhibitions or personal exhibitions, both halls and rooms are available: the hotel can also provide mobile and modular panels for the exhibition, with perfect lighting to highlight the artistic works. Furthermore, we can organize theater performances, operas, and concerts in the park of the Tenuta di Artimino, or in the large halls or in the evocative open-air theater of Gynoecium. .

Villa for fashion shows in Tuscany

The flight of steps in the Belvedere Garden can become a perfect catwalk. However, also the interior part of the Villa or the border of the pool could be suitable for a glamorous event, such as the presentation of a new "haut couture" collection. Over the years the Villa has hosted a variety of events and has seen leading fashion designers reveal the styles of their latest collections. Lighting and audio services or other types of targeted services can be requested.



Location for exhibitions

Thanks to modular panels a room in the Villa can be easily transformed into an exhibition hall. According to the requests, there are bigger areas and smaller areas and this makes the Tenuta di Artimino an ideal place for a vernissage, an exhibition, art installations or for a cultural event including material and equipment.


Organize at Artimino the setting for your photographic service or for cinema filming

If you want to organize a photographic service or shoot some scenes for a film or do a short film - you're in the right place. Contact us without obligation, we will find the best solution for your shooting. On request we will evaluate collaborations and sponsorship of promotional projects.



Artimino Contemporary intends to propose, in a territory rich in artistic and gastronomic humus, the ideas of the illustrious patrons who in past centuries have helped to develop a prosperous environment for artists and scholars. This is the starting point from which to carry out the project "Artimino Contemporanea" a collaboration between the Tenuta di Artimino and Space Line - Florence Biennale. The idea is to look back on the past and use it as an example, this means to bring to the "court" of Artimino some of the most important contemporary artists from the national and international scene. Since its creation in 2015, the events on the calendar have been continuously updated with a series of exhibitions and artistic/cultural events. For this reason Artimino is an ideal link between past and future, between culture, taste and nature. Artists are thus invited to exhibit and present their works to the public in an evocative yet charming setting - the halls of Villa La Ferdinanda - declared World Heritage by UNESCO in June 2013. The artists are chosen among the most interesting artists of contemporary art, with particular attention to those that operate in Tuscany. Artimino Contemporary Cultural Association is a non-profit: if you have a project, an idea, if your company would like to sponsor a project or if you just want to know about this, contact: : marketing@artimino.com