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Ristorante Biagio Pignatta The restaurant is named after the first butler of Ferdinando I de 'Medici, Sir Biagio Pignatta. It is a short distance from the Villa and adjacent to the hotel, offering quality hospitality in harmony with Tuscan tradition. In addition to the welcoming rooms, the restaurant also boasts having an outdoor area to accommodate seasonal barbecues and small events and a gazebo with large windows overlooking a breathtaking view; perfect for brunch, business meetings and private dinners. It has been recently decided to focus on the zero kilometer philosophy, for this reason "Biagio Pignatta" has a private garden of about 5,000 square meters for the supply of fruit and vegetables in season. In this way, tradition goes hand in hand with the quality of raw materials, with the choice of suppliers of the territory and with the promotion of local products. The recipes of the culinary history of Tuscany have been revised with flair and originality.


The philosophy of 0 Kms

It's called a zero kilometer cuisine and the name says it all. The intention is to focus on the quality of the ingredients: seasonal products, genuine, that come directly from our garden, tended by the loving care of Mr. Alvaro. A few years ago it was decided to produce independently, as much as possible, fruits and vegetables to be used in the dishes at the Restaurant and Villa. So a big garden of 5000 square meters was designed where, depending on the season, zucchini, tomatoes, carrots and many other vegetables were planted and then used for the realizzation of healthy, tasty dishes for the guests at the Estate. In this same direction is also the choice of raw materials produced, for the most part, locally. We are convinced that to make good food, in addition to the wisdom of the chef, it is important to start with healthy, wholesome ingredients, respecting the use of in-season produce and that of the region, giving priority to small producers who, through their hard work, safeguard precious traditions.

Cooking Lesson

In the company of our Executive Chef you can participate in true Tuscan prime cooking classes. Classes can be arranged lasting a few hours or full immersion lasting of a couple of days. The preparation of the dishes will also serve for a lunch or dinner so to be enjoyed together.
For families with children we have thought of cooking classes that are also suitable for little children, such as learning how to make cupcakes or other sweets.

Michela Bottasso is also willing to teach the secrets of the Medici cuisine and the dishes of Catherine de 'Medici.

For those who are passionate about wine, you can book a tasting of our wines, a tour of the local wineries, a private lesson about wine and how to combine with food.
The Food & Wine Experience is one of the great protagonists of Artimino, both for individuals and for groups.


Michela Bottasso

The Chef

The restaurant "Biagio Pignatta" is female: in charge of the kitchen brigade is the executive chef Michela Bottasso, Piemontese by birth and Tuscan by adoption. Her formation as chef took place in some of the most important resturant kitchens in the world, from London to the Caribbean. Her way of cooking plays with taste and flavors, without forgetting tradition and simplicity. The originality of the proposals goes hand in hand with a meticulous selection of raw materials, fresh produce, always of quality and from the local area. The menu changes with the seasons but you will always find on the menu some of "Biagio Pignatta"'s renown dishes like Duck in Orange Sauce: a dish that today recalls the French cuisine but actually has Italian origin, Medici to be precise, all related to Catherine de 'Medici.

The Monthly Recipe


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Opening times: the restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, at the following times
From 12:30 to 14:00 / 19:30 to 22:00
Closed on Wednesdays all day and Thursdays for lunch.
Email: ristorante@artimino.com - Tel. +39 055 8751406

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